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  • sjt4263 says:

    Hi, this is an excellent site, well done. been checking out your other site of recordings for a few years. Been a fan OF L42 since 1984, 30 years.one thing, the gig from 15/11/2012 on the RITF 25th Anniversary Tour, is that available for general download ? I would love to have this concert, but I have nothing to trade. Do you have it on cd, could I get/buy it (make a donation ?) please help me if you can. Fantastic collection of covers, stevethompson422@hotmail.com

  • sjt4263 says:

    Hi again, thanks for your reply. Please could you e-mail me when that concert is available for me, or would it be possible to get it on cd from you. Hope you’re ok with me asking, I would find a way of making a donation / some payment to you. As I said, great new site, I would be most grateful,cheers Steve.ps I have two e-mail addresses, stevethompson422@hotmail.com & sjt4263@gmail.com. pps have you anything live from 2013/2014. Thanks in advance, again, Steve.

    • zoishet_artwork says:

      Hi steve, I will let you know when the concert is available. I prefer to send it via wetransfer.com.
      Made a paypal option on the homepage for donations. Much appreciated! I don’t have anything (yet) from 2013/ 2014, however i intend to tape the concert in Arnhem october 31st…

  • sjt4263 says:

    Hi, sorry for the delay in getting my donation to you, hope it’s ok. An uncle passed away a week or so ago. The gig is great, please, if there is any chance of sending me the 2014 gig by the end of February that would be wonderful, my birthday is on 10th March, need a week or so to get it sorted. cheers, Steve.

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